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BS-SE at Virtual University: Books and Handouts for 3rd Semester.

Finding the right and recommended text books, has always been a very big challenge for students. specially if you are learning in a distance learning system. Being a student of Virtual University, I have always struggled to find recommended books. Because these are not available in local bookshops. Purchasing the books from online stores like amazon etc, is not possible for a poor student like me. the only option left with us is finding the electronic version of those books. This can also be very hard and time consuming task. Therefore I have brought all text books and handouts in one place. So that students may not face the hurdles of finding them one by one on different sites.

Third semester consists of the following 6 courses (this is according to official guidelines; however students may have their own choices).

  1. CS301 – Data Structures
  2. CS302 – Digital Logic Design
  3. CS502 – Fundamentals of Algorithms
  4. CS601 – Data Communication
  5. MTH501 – Linear Algebra
  6. PHY101 – Physics

The recommended books and handouts for the said courses can be downloaded from their respective links (listed below).

CS301 – Data Structures

CS302 – Digital Logic Design

CS502 – Fundamentals of Algorithms

CS601 – Data Communication

the video lectures for this course are updated, but the handouts are not yet published by VU.

MTH501 – Linear Algebra

PHY101 – Physics

I hope this will help the students.

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