Let’s first of all explain the meaning of our site name “ghamkhor”. “Ghamkhor” is a word of pashto language which can be sub divided into two words:

“gham” means sorrow, unhappiness, problem or difficulty. And “khor” means Eater. so the meaning of “ghamkhor” is the one who eats your sorrow. Means “ghamkhor” will provide solution to your problem and difficulty.

now we are done with name of the site, we come to the mission we are going to accomplish.

The basic aim of this website is to provide educational material to students with specific target of Virtual University (VU) community. While studying at VU, students have many difficulties such as:

  • lack of educational environment
  • lack of face to face interaction with instructors
  • there are no class mates who can help
  • the lectures delivered are very old and video quality is very low
  • the recommended books are
  • the only medium to interact with the instructor is E-mail or MDB

Since I am also a student of virtual university and have faced all the above problems. therefore I decided to launch this site.

Student Help

Students will be provided following help :

  • short notes
  • short video lectures
  • handouts
  • slides
  • actual materials of VU will also be listed here

Further to those, we will also have digital library of all kinds of book and in different languages.

Disclaimer : we will focus on Computer Science and IT. All the above help may note be available for all subjects of VU.

Services For Businesses

we will also provide some paid services for businesses. which will include:

  • Digital Marketing (Facebook adverts, Google Ad words, YouTube Marketing, SEM etc)
  • SEO (Keyword research, on page SEO, off page SEO etc)
  • WordPress (new sites, customization of running sites, add pages and posts.